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I fall in love with dead people. ❅ I'm ill 180 days a year, the rest of the time I sleep. ❅ I've been struck by lightning. Seven times. ❅ Love the sound of rain.

*I’m melting*

*I’m melting*

Jun 20th at 3PM / 250 notes

Jun 7th at 4PM / 86 notes

Skyeward ♥

Jun 3rd at 2PM / 22 notes

Jun 3rd at 12PM / 106 notes

Goddammit ♥

Jun 2nd at 10AM / 8 notes

«Agent Ward, why are you really here?»
«Skye. Came back for her.» ♥

I gotcha.

May 27th at 3PM / 3 notes

Four years later, I finally figured out how Inception ends.
I can go back to sleep now.
Chris, I gotcha.

May 18th at 5PM / 57 notes

May 18th at 2PM / 84 notes

«This might be the last Marvel red carpet for you.»

May 17th at 5PM / 10 notes

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